Saturday, April 30, 2011


after disappearing for like centuries in bloggersphere...
i felt like i've this urge to just vent my thoughts and words that i can't possibly say out loud...

how much do we mean to another's life?
how someone "used" to be your friend? then became acquantaince?
how that little existence of yours seem to not shine?

then again, we always picked how we want to be. there are those who would always be there for you when you need but unable to. there are those who seem to care but they are not bothered.

how do you define a friend?

how far would you go for someone? how far would someone go for you?

- tick tock

- wondering

- tock tick

- still wonder

compliments showered upon you are like tunes to your ears...
truth told to you are like gold you should keep...
lies within compliments are the poisons that would turn your life insideout.
despite all of these unworthy words of mine, i still could get that feeling within me to describe the thoughts within my mind that seem to be imprisoned inside

i promise, my next post will not be an emotional post... :D

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


we move through crowded streets towards that restaurant that we were told to try. along the way, we caught sight of someone or a scent of the stall. detour? ignore? or just forget about our initial plan?

often we seek what we couldn't and would take what we've now for granted without knowing that we did. comfort zone is what we often neglect because it has provided us so much that we didn't actually care about its existence. BUT if ever taken away, we would be b*tch*n about it non-stop.

leaping and trying isn't exactly in the same context
--leaping is "let's do it and see how it goes"
--trying is "let's do it and if it fails; turn back"

are you able to take that leap? or you would just want to try?

our very existence is the living proof that reality is just as real to others; we might be the object that others idolize upon or simply a reason for them to believe in life. like some of the emails or forwarded messages would say. everyday, there would be at least 5person who would actually think of you--for whatever reason... if we ceased to exist, these 5person would be disappointed and affected in someway.

could anything be not about you or about me? and for once about US? these are such common phrases thrown about among couples, friends and family. no man is an island (of course woman as well) its never about just one, its always about two or more. to have something but unable to share, that would be like winning number one in a race of ONE. having the best of anything but without anyone caring about it.

every single moment in life, we explore into the unknown. even if we do repeat or routinely conduct the similar activity--we might not be having the same experience. LIFE itself is a VARIABLE and WE are VARIABLE as well. the only consistent is that we're willing to allow these two variable to continue evolving and pursuing the ever growing progress.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6months Away

Fisherman Wharf 2

UncleJosh has been away for his blog for approximately 6months??? last post was march 15th

either way... i'm sorry for not posting up much as i'm usually venting off short phrases through twitter you could find me on twitter at @unclejosh :D

would like to start posting random things again soon though...
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Seeking Light

Dawn Scenery

in morning, when the sky is still dark... we seek light to illuminate our life. there it was, the sun shining through the dark clouds of the night to light up the city.

in joy,
we seek pain,
in pain,
we seek joy,

contradicting? give it a thought... you might have been through it before

Sunday, March 14, 2010

blue after grey

was running some errands,
stucked in the car due to heavy down pour,
was on potty playing audi a4 challenge,
rain slowed down,

got off car to complete errand,
beams of yellow rays shun through the clouds,
on the way back upon completion,
the grey dark sky has cleared,

blue filled half the sky,
white clouds filled the sky,
yellow lining on the clouds,
orange hue between those lines,

everything seem so beautiful,
the best often happens after,
the worst that could be,
the more we suffer; the more we appreciate.

the above wasn't meant to rhyme. it was just short sentence blended together to release the words that was overflowing out of my head the moment i saw those moments on my way back home. despite the fact that i do not have a camera in hand (in which i wish i had), i would engrave this beautiful moment into my mind as a reminder on how things could turn out good despite how bad it seems to be right now.

do not jump to conclusion even if the obvious has been shown. things might not as it seem to be.