Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009

The year is ending. in less than twelve hours, the calendars replaced and you cannot put 09' anymore as it would be 2010 and it does looks weird if we put 10' as a shortform.

oh well...
there isn't alot to say here.

i've been through ups and downs. a very scary roller coaster of emotions. shards of pain across my chest and there's also jolly halo over my head. how? suck it in and smile. another day ending and a new year arriving. things would always change and alter but i'm sure we're able to adapt to it one way or another. afterall, mankind has survived worse throughout history.

Happy New Year in advance as i would be working throughout eve of 2010.
*cheers* all the best in the year to come

new year coming,
another year leaving,
new memories found,
old ones kept.


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