Monday, March 15, 2010

Seeking Light

Dawn Scenery

in morning, when the sky is still dark... we seek light to illuminate our life. there it was, the sun shining through the dark clouds of the night to light up the city.

in joy,
we seek pain,
in pain,
we seek joy,

contradicting? give it a thought... you might have been through it before


cyrildason said...

That is a really nice shot!!

unclejosh said...


cyan_loh said...

whoaa.. I dont really when the last time I actually visit your blog ;P Its been some time, even changed your blog layout!
Oh yeap, we are contradict just like that. Like I said, we want out lows to be highs and highs to be normal x)

alvink said...

nice picture! =P blog hopping! :)

simonso said...

alo bro! hows the nikon treating u?

Joshua Lee said...

cyan: haha.... yalo
alvink: thanks~!
simonso: me not using nikon eh... :P

reddishTea said...

nice shot!

ahha hey, saw you at oldtown cyberjaya just now asking for chopstick. you passed by me but dare not say hello because dont think u can recognize me. hahaha.

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