Wednesday, October 13, 2010


we move through crowded streets towards that restaurant that we were told to try. along the way, we caught sight of someone or a scent of the stall. detour? ignore? or just forget about our initial plan?

often we seek what we couldn't and would take what we've now for granted without knowing that we did. comfort zone is what we often neglect because it has provided us so much that we didn't actually care about its existence. BUT if ever taken away, we would be b*tch*n about it non-stop.

leaping and trying isn't exactly in the same context
--leaping is "let's do it and see how it goes"
--trying is "let's do it and if it fails; turn back"

are you able to take that leap? or you would just want to try?

our very existence is the living proof that reality is just as real to others; we might be the object that others idolize upon or simply a reason for them to believe in life. like some of the emails or forwarded messages would say. everyday, there would be at least 5person who would actually think of you--for whatever reason... if we ceased to exist, these 5person would be disappointed and affected in someway.

could anything be not about you or about me? and for once about US? these are such common phrases thrown about among couples, friends and family. no man is an island (of course woman as well) its never about just one, its always about two or more. to have something but unable to share, that would be like winning number one in a race of ONE. having the best of anything but without anyone caring about it.

every single moment in life, we explore into the unknown. even if we do repeat or routinely conduct the similar activity--we might not be having the same experience. LIFE itself is a VARIABLE and WE are VARIABLE as well. the only consistent is that we're willing to allow these two variable to continue evolving and pursuing the ever growing progress.


Sue said...

Hello!! I was blog-hopping (perks of being unemployed and uneducating) when I found a 'Joshua Lee' on one of my friend's blog, and here I am. haha..

Just wanted to drop a comment as I personally am not in favor of silent readers - it's kinda creepy and a little stalker-ish. Anywayy.. Just wanted to say that you write better than you give yourself credit for. :)

Oh, that, and I had an AWESOME Sunday. haha..

This is the Sue from the VWG Media Drive btw.


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